Meet Our Piercer

Adrienne is a graduate of  the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky. She holds a double major Master's Degree in Psychology & Biology with two minor's in Immunology & Microbiology and was on the Dean's List during her entire educational experience. Adrienne is a piercer of 10 years and has worked in shops across New York, Florida, and Kentucky as well as participated in the Villain Arts Tattoo Convention. She is well educated in proper sterilization & sanitation techniques and follows the guidelines of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) on all procedures, aftercare, and jewelry standards. Adrienne uses only internally threaded and thread-less titanium, niobium, and gold from APP approved jewelers & companies. She is also skilled in basic, advanced, and uncommon piercing procedures and is well educated in troubleshooting piercing complications.

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